Monday, June 17, 2013

I love (and cave dive) Tulum

After Playa, Tulum is about to sign a strategic water bill, a lot is still to be done. Please do not be skeptical, please avoid all-inclusive hotels (some of the worst environmental offenders). Support Tulum, the world capital of recreational cave diving, otherwise this will be another paradise lost. Reduce, recycle, reuse - PLEASE!

The key to the Yucatan peninsula is its aquifer ... we need to raise the level of awareness, avoid plastic bottles (bring your AL canteen, I will fill it for free!), I will give you reusable carrier bags for your shopping ...

We are not masters of the Earth, please have the humility to accept that - no prayers stop a hurricane or a volcanic eruption, the Earth does not fear us, but WE need to survive on the only planet that supports us! This is not a conservative/liberal debate, simple reality.

Please contact me regarding any tips you have for helping the general situation here!

hasta luego amigos,